Men's Mystery Rugby Jersey

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Purchase a mystery rugby jersey today and you won't be disappointed.

This mystery box will include a brand new rugby jersey. This shirt could be an international team, club team, college team or touring team (League, Union or 7s). That is the beauty of it, you will never know what jersey you may receive.

These jerseys may sometimes be retro, special edition, pre-game or training jerseys.

It will also include a detailed fan file (wrote in English) all about the team, stadium, possible star players etc.

Shirts are picked at random and could come from anywhere in the world.



As we ship 100's of our Mystique boxes per day, there is a chance of crossover teams. If you wish to avoid the same shirt as your friend, please leave your friends order number in our 'teams to avoid' box or email us your friends name and details.

Disclaimer: This site is not associated with any rugby club.